Welcome! Solarshare is still under development.

Solarshare is a web page that enables you to graphically display the performance of you solar power generating system online. It is easy to use and it's free. You control who can see your data, keep it private and password protected or open it up so friends, family and the general public can see how many kW's of clean power you're generating in real time!

How it will work

  • You have a solar generating system installed, well done!
  • You (or your installer) connects your PC to the solar inverter, we'll help you work out how to do this.
  • You create a solarshare account and download the client program for your type of inverter.
  • The client program continually reads the status from your inverter and sends a summary every 5 minutes to solarshare over the internet (so you need an "always on" internet connection like DSL or cable).
  • You can view your systems performance online. Graphs display the current day, week, month or lifetime power.
  • You can link other web pages to the graphs. You can keep them private or let anybody view them.
  • Over time we'll build more ways to view and analyize the data and customize how your data looks.